Oliver Bahr, born 1970 in Dortmund, founder of Querimpuls

Querimpuls opens up fresh perspectives on the interaction between people, technology and organizations. Using targeted incentives
and interventions, we overcome barriers, encourage innovations,
optimise processes, improve interactions and generate synergies.


During the first years of my career as a civil engineer, I gained
a great deal of experience with regards to planning and application processes in the construction industry. This valuable experience
was complemented by a great deal of interdisciplinary interaction.
I improved my knowledge and competence in business ergo-
nomics and management structures by completing a second degree
in Organisational Management. I was responsible for international
investigations on construction applications for a global company
and drafted customer orientated innovation processes for product
and customer service development. My qualification as a moderator
and communication trainer supported my growing orientation
towards the theory behind interaction processes.

These days, I call on the various areas of competence of my network
who shares my pleasure of interdisciplinary communication
and methodological approaches. All of this, along with my trained observation skills, my analytical thinking and my proven flair
with regards to interpersonal interaction result in something unique, successful and often surprising: cross impulses.

Oliver Bahr
QUERIMPULS · OLIVER BAHR · ST. GALLEN · T +41 71 245 90 54 · M +41 76 423 90 55 · OLIVER.BAHR@QUERIMPULS.COM